This documentation records some common questions and answers, mainly from GitHub Discussions.

Why the Hugo extended edition is recommended?
Since some features of this theme need to processes  SCSS to  CSS, it is recommended to use Hugo extended version for better experience.
How to switch Hugo environments?

Default environments are development with hugo server and production with hugo.

Due to limitations in the local development environment, the comment system, CDN and fingerprint will not be enabled in the development environment.

You could enable these features with hugo server -e production.

How to choose search engine?

The following is a comparison of two search engines:

  • fuse: simple, no need to synchronize index.json, no limit for contentLength, high performance but high bandwidth and low performance (Especially for Chinese which needs a large segmentit library)
  • algolia: high performance and low bandwidth, but need to synchronize index.json and limit for contentLength

The content of the post is separated by h2 and h3 HTML tag to improve query performance and basically implement full-text search. contentLength is used to limit the max index length of the part starting with h2 and h3 HTML tag.


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